equine sessions

Connecting with

Nature's Wisdom:

The Way of the

Horse and


individual sessions or small groups by arrangement 
in Great Falls, Virginia

In connecting with the horses we reconnect with ourselves and nature to bring us into balance, similar to the healing art of Qigong. A session of qigong with the horses can help assess moment-by-moment awareness as we experience sensory integration to bring us physical, emotional, or spiritual benefits in addition to relational awareness. The horses connect with you as relational sentient beings and to offer their energetic support and insights.


Qigong, sometimes called moving meditation, is a mind-body practice that enhances vitality and calmness through the integration of posture, body movements, breathing, and focused intention. We will do simple qigong movements to aid in relaxation, centering and to increase our sensory awareness as we connect with the wisdom of our bodies and the natural wisdom of the horse.