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Creating and Collaborating to Heal


One healing story at a time. The Imprint Foundation supports words, sounds, images, and the gestures bridging our common humanity to leave a lasting impression.

As an advocate for the healing power of expression we believe creativity promotes wellness and change by increasing awareness of the ways we imprint each other to foster resilience.

We support:

  • creative and research interests whereby reporting and sharing social, environmental, and humanitarian outcomes encourages the natural expression for community building through individuals and collaborators through witnessing one hand leading another.

  • the design of programs, projects and initiatives from creative arts practitioners and other professionals espousing a commitment to encouraging change.

  • creativity in promoting wellness and change through a host of arts and sciences exploration, including but not limited by: music, visual arts, dance/movement, poetry/writing and drama, literary and performing arts and media arts.

The Imprint Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that produces and advocates for the production of visual, performing, music, literary, media, and other arts
by creative arts practitioners and other professionals
for the purposes of healing, wellness, and community building.

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