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A Small Moment of Awakening

In Qigong we welcome the stillness of the winter months with an awareness that the life force continues to breathe and like bamboo: pliable, strong, resilient and rooted, this is the perfect metaphor for my practice this time of year. The bamboo is a gentle reminder to be in the world, remain rooted, and nourish the spirit in anticipation of the vitality of Spring’s presence.

Outside January’s Pane

Bamboo weeps crystal

Winter’s hand hangs through my pane

Daring greens drip bare

This is a haiku which shared one of those moments of contemplation, where nature offered me a moment of hope within a dangerously frozen world. Can you find metaphors for your practice that offer you hope? What holy ground can you be awakened to during this winter season?

#Qigong #Winter #lifeforce #awakening #breathe #rooted #nourish #spirit

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