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Leaving a lasting impression

Revisiting the old to create something new, I tend to a flash memoir piece from a Zen and writing workshop. I remember that without this body as a vehicle, I cannot know my story, my world. This body has left a lasting impression or two, and allowing the heart to open just a little more can make even more of an impression. No matter what our history, if we are able to reach towards a more understanding nature, something gives, and with that flex, healing goes beyond the body, beyond our own world.

This is what the spirit of sheng zhen, or unconditional love, allows us to be a part of, something students recognize and know to be true, and why Qigong practice resonates so deeply. I jokingly tell first time students that it will take a thousand times to get some of the physical movements right, like the Zhongtian movement, which for some is akin to tapping the head while chewing gum and rubbing the belly! Funny thing is…the youngest and oldest of students, those closer ages 9 and 99, get it right almost immediately! Primed and open, they are naturally able to be in the moment, healing one movement at a time. I imagine a collective healing, where one generation can lead another, 9 to 99, or 99 to 9. Rewriting history together, they share stories of lessons learned from a balanced heart, and future generations co-create the next frontier, leaving lasting impressions. This is a world I can dwell in…another story all together.

#shengzhen #Zenandwriting #unconditionallove #Qigongpractice #Zhongtianmovement #futuregenerations

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