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Spiritual Direction Agreement

Agreement with: Ann Duvall
Phone: 202.599.1495

Our Relationship

You are meeting with me as your spiritual director because you want to examine your spiritual life. I abide by the Guidelines for Ethical Conduct outlined by Spiritual Directors International at the end of this document. Although I believe it is appropriate at times to discuss psychological, emotional and/or relational difficulties in the context of spiritual direction, I am not providing services as a psychotherapist. If issues arise which are beyond the scope of the spiritual direction relationship, I may refer the individual to counseling or therapy as appropriate. Similarly, you recognize that spiritual direction is not financial advice and any decisions and actions you may take in that regard are done without my advice or recommendation, and are purely your responsibility.


I hold our conversations in strict confidence. Our time together is sacred. I will not reveal the content of our conversations unless I am required to do so by law or court order. On the other hand, you are free to share whatever you choose about our conversations with anyone.


The fee is $125 per 60-minute session payable by Venmo or PayPal due at the end of the session.

Venmo Ann-Duvall-1


Paypal PayPal.Me/AnnDuvall

Time of Sessions and Changes

We commit to begin and end our sessions on time. If you wish to change your appointment, you will let me know at least 24 hours in advance by emailing me and/or calling/ texting me. I will not send reminders for the scheduled session times.

Although we agree to regular monthly sessions, you may desire to meet more frequently periodically, and that is fine, as long as we schedule in advance. If you would like to share a success or a challenge with me in between sessions, you may contact me via email, or leave me a voice mail message. I do not bill for additional time of this type but ask that we keep the extra calls to a few minutes.



Permission to Contact:

I give my permission to be contacted at the following:

Permission to leave message on Cell Phone?
Permission to send text message to cell phone?
Permission to leave message on Home Phone?
Permission to leave message on Work Phone?
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