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Open studio

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Way with Words,

Sounds and Images

individual or small groups by arrangement on-line

Part of the Imprint Initiative: supporting arts and health awareness.

Words, sounds, and images all serve to uplift us. During this open studio time, we create space to lead with the heart, and lead with the heart to create space. We wait for the way to open for that moment of pause. Through wu wei, or effortless effort, we tend to the healing spirit and give ourselves time for creative compassionate care.


We will begin with a contemplation, reading and/or prompt and a short moving or still meditation practice, which is all completely optional. This is your time whether it is geared towards a contemplative pause, or a creative, prayerful or meditative silence. Quiet the mind so you can journal, make music, art, pray, meditate, or read to help you uncover a healing moment, a sound, word, image, phrase — what wisdom is calling you this moment?