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Ann Duvall


I have been told I am a quick study, but in my heart, I know I am a slow learner, which is ideal for spiritual development and the practice of cultivating a healing environment through the art of living. Helping me learn new ways to come back to a neutral place when that pendulum of life swings wildly to polar opposites, the ancient healing art of Qigong is never ending poetry-in-motion that draws me back to living fully. 


This “moving meditation” leaves you in a rested but alert state, simply by using the breath, your mind, and “stillness” found in movement. Daily practice gives you the tools to nurture this way of being so you can have peace, balance, and more tranquil moments. In the traveling studio where more than one is gathered, we discover our own inner teacher to feel the support of the Qi flowing to facilitate these teachable moments. 


Children, adolescents, adults, seniors, the elderly, and specially tailored groups have benefited from individual and group sessions combining Qigong and other expressive and healing arts. We practice on-line and in person at various locations in the DC metro area, even at a barn with horses as co-facilitators in the natural environment where we combine Qigong and equine facilitated psychotherapy or “Qi-quine therapy”!  For one-on-one or group on-site or on-line sessions, you can reach me, or check out previous events and current offerings

Ann Duvall

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