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Ann Duvall


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I cannot say I am a natural story-teller, more like a sacred space holder for whatever needs expressing, but stories continue to find me nonetheless! And while for me writing is a spiritual practice, I love collaborating with creative teams. That is why I have been found working behind-the- scenes helping to shape stories on the stage as a playwright and producer and in film and television: the 48-hour film festival, animated docs, indie film, non-fiction, non-profit and children’s educational programming. Minding the creative spirit, I continue to dabble in the arts, keeping my hands in some of the places where I feel most passionate, using imagination on the stage, on the page, on screen, and of course in the expressive and healing arts.

Current Works in Progress
  • For the stage: Havana Rose

  • For the screen: Cresencia

  • Blog: Libreta

  • Way with Words Sounds and Images: On-site and Virtual

  • The Imprint Foundation: programming to support arts & health education

Ann Duvall

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