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Ann Duvall

Nature’s Caring Hand at River Farm

What to expect and bring:

Parking is available on the grounds and will be open to participants before River Farm officially opens at 10 AM

We will meet at the Ballroom in the Manor House (please wear masks in the Manor House until you reach the Ballroom). Our time together may be spent in the Ballroom, covered tent, or outside weather permitting.


Bring your favorite journal, sketch pad, pen, markers, etc.


IMPORTANT: We will do seated and standing movement, however you always have the option to remain seated for the entire practice. Please bring your own seat.

Here is link to the chairs I have purchased in the past.



Contact and Phone number for River Farm:

7931 E Boulevard Dr.

Alexandria, VA 22308

703 768 5700 ext 114


Ann’s Cell number (available up until class starts)

202. 599.1495

Download a PDF of this information here.

Ann Duvall

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