​"Get ready to enjoy the journey beyond yourself as Ann so gracefully, playfully and beautifully leads her Qigong Classes - personal and powerful. They always surprise and each experience resonates many times over - days, months, years. Truly a life altering gift you can give yourself."


—  Theresa N.


I have been told I am a quick study, but in my heart, I know I am a slow learner, which is ideal for spiritual development and the practice of Qigong! This ancient

healing art is never ending poetry-in-motion that draws me back to living fully.

Qigong helps me learn new ways to come back to a neutral place when that pendulum of life swings wildly to polar opposites. Learning Qigong, or “moving meditation”, leaves you in a rested but alert state, simply by using the breath, your mind, and “stillness” found in movement. Daily practice gives

you the tools to nurture this way of being, so you can have peace, balance, and more tranquil moments.

I teach because…well…we teach what we need to learn most! And what better way to continue learning, than being with fellow practitioners and beginner students.

Together we discover the awareness that we each have our own inner teacher.

In my world, tending to the creative spirit sometimes requires “extreme spiritual care” as I tend to my own “therapy of the soul” using Writing and Qigong so I can embrace the Art of Living. Luckily for me, in the traveling healing arts studio where more than one is gathered, I get to discover how to keep the Qi flowing to help facilitate these teachable moments with fellow students and practitioners. I enjoy sharing the Qi with children, adolescents, adults, seniors and the elderly. In private practice I do individual counseling focusing on qigong, spiritual wellness, and creative solutions for life’s transitions.

In addition to teaching classes and workshops, I have designed mindful programs for organizations and introduced Qigong at various community events in the DC metro area. For private, small group and on-site sessions you can reach me here.

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Selected Presentations, Workshops and Programs

INOVA/Steinmetz Center for Functional & Integrative Medicine and INOVA Heathsource

Alexandria & Fairfax, VA
  • Your Self-care Tool Kit: For Caregivers and Those with Chronic Illness

  • Qigong for Stress Relief Workshops and Beginner Qigong series

  • Mindfulness and Meditation Introductory Series

  • Radiant Lotus Women’s Qigong: A program specially designed for women’s health

INOVA Center for Personalized Health

Fairfax, VA

INOVA Integrative & Functional Medicine Conference

Georgetown University

Washington, DC
  • Mind Body Medicine Facilitators Training Program: An Introduction to Qigong

  • GU Wellness: Mind Body Soul

    • Qigong for Stress Relief

    • Qigong for Self-care

    • Mindful Movement and Creative Writing

    • Next Gen Qigong ™

  • Center for New Designs in Learning and Scholarship: Teaching Learning and Innovation Summer Institute:

    • Qigong for Stress Relief​

    • Qigong and Wellness: Teachable Moments for All

    • Qigong in your Community: Leading with the Heart

Maryland Association for Spiritual and Ethical Values in Counseling

 a division of the Maryland Counseling Association

Qigong Moving Meditation: Self-care for Counselors

Northern Virginia Therapeutic Riding Program

Clifton, VA
  • Connecting with Nature’s Wisdom: The Way of the Horse and Qigong

  • Qigong and Horses: Cultivating a Healing Environment 


Great Falls, VA
  • Wellness & Mindfulness with Horses: for Medical Professionals impacted by COVID



Great Falls, VA
  • Connecting with Nature's Wisdom: The Way of the Horse and Qigong

Peaceable Dragon

on-line practice session

Barcroft Contemplation Practice Session

Marymount University

Arlington, VA​

Qigong for Stress Relief

George Washington University

Washington, DC

Day in the Life of a Medical Student, Compliment Your Health: Introduction to Qigong

Women with Parkinsons Disease

Reston, VA

Qigong for Stress Relief

Howard Gardner School

Alexandria, VA

Next Gen Qigong ™

Aarondale Assisted Living Community

Springfield, VA

Qigong: Mind Body Spirit Connection - Next Gen Qigong ™

Barcroft Community House

Arlington, VA
  • Care of the Spirit: Awakening the Soul

  • Qigong in your Community: Leading with the Heart

  • Lotus Petal Wellness

  • Rising Lotus Summer Camp

What is Qigong

Qigong is a self-care practice that combines mindful movement with gentle breathing to bring balance wherever you need it most. This Chinese exercise system sometimes known as “acupuncture without needles” or “chinese yoga”, can be done sitting, lying down, or standing, and is adaptable for all ages and all levels. Sometimes referred to as “moving meditation”, Qigong brings you to a rested yet alert state through the integration of posture, body movements, breathing, and focused intention. 


Qigong can help reduce stress, improve immune function, strengthen internal organs, and calm the mind to promote improved health, vitality and youthfulness. Qigong movements aid in relaxation and centering, and increase flexibility, balance, and body awareness and help to facilitate physical, emotional and spiritual benefits. Through the cultivation of your own energy the parasympathetic system responds so you feel more energized and relaxed, helping to awaken to a new way of being, in mind, body, and spirit.


​I treasure practicing with Ann.  She is a motivating instructor who seamlessly identifies and focuses on techniques that benefit me and my colleagues at every class.  After each session I return to work with physical energy and a clear mind.

—  Shirley A.