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That sweet spot…a space to begin

This is a first for me, sharing here about the art of healing through qigong, writing and well…life! You would think it would come easy after decades of practice, but not so. I show up day in and day out and begin again and again, even when I am not sure it’s working. Sometimes you have to trick yourself, or fake it till ya make it, right into that sweet spot. Wu-wei. It is known as non-doing or effortless effort, which comes only after I release resistance. Only then am I able to give way to that natural state of being, aware, relaxed and energized, all at once. Isn’t that the same sweet spot we hope for in our relationships and in all we do?

This time of year brings a sense of satisfaction, a harvest of sorts, having reached many milestones. For instance, my longest commitment to date – marriage. And, ay ay ay, have I ever learned that marriage is part of my practice too! Early on, before I knew of wu wei and was learning to navigate this practice, I received the most sound advice from a most unlikely source: a minister whose ministry was to open the door between worlds with his psychic gifts to communicate to those of us still here grappling with our earthly existence. Nearly three decades later, his words reverberate still as I remember him paraphrasing his source of the moment, Kahlil Gibran. His sage words were for me to “allow space between us so that the winds of the heavens can blow" and how there can be “enough spaces for each of us in that togetherness”.

I see now that these words were not only meant for my marriage, but as a message for me to allow space to begin again, wherever I need to accept wu wei, and allow those winds to blow, for the Qi to flow. For me to continue, even during times of unrest, to practice and hope that I can bring forth acceptance and trust that a gentler, kinder way of being, will come again. Space that comes by slowing down the breath and letting that still point in the silence between the thoughts to give the mind a rest. Space to allow emptiness to feel love in the heart and recognize that this is that sweet spot, where you can always begin, again and again.

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