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Movement and Writing: Discover the Sacred and Leading Within

A student approached me recently, curious as to when the stories or poems will “come” from our creative writing time. We talked briefly about what it means to write to know where you are, where you have been, and how nourishing comes through writing and movement. She acknowledged feeling the “qi” during our Creative Writing and Mindful Movement class. It is from this very place that we can nourish our creative spaces. Yes, sometimes, great ideas, character’s voices, or lines of a poem, can come from our writing time, but sometimes writing can be the vehicle for naming the resistance that keeps you from knowing yourself more deeply.

Movement and writing are two spiritual practices that encourage a kinder, gentler way of being aware of your surroundings both inside and out. Writing as a spiritual practice helps you discover then remember what is sacred to you. We are able to create moments from this place, leading to more heart led moments. Starting with the breath, the simplest of movements, is where you can always allow the space to begin again. The all-essential breath – what better way to begin to discern how to live life more fully?! Using the breath as an anchor, probe, discern, probe again, then release and voila! More clarity and honesty comes as you move from mindless chatter to mindful writing!

What mindful practices have you considered embarking upon to help nourish your spirit? How do you check in with yourself to find what is sacred to you? Take some time to list things that inspire you: people, places, things, from your past or in the present. Or explore a topic that you think may lead to a more fulfilling spiritual life.

Being well nourished gives us the ability and willingness to nourish others, and lead with the heart. Something that is available to us all. Honoring, nourishing, and vertical alignment allows you to be what is referred to in Qigong as the “lead energy” and to be of service in your community -- which is the ultimate expression of Qigong. What practice allows you to lead from within and be of service to your community?

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