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Winter’s True Blues

On my way through the winter I often find myself vacillating between the effort of creating action items to bring goals more into focus, and the effortless effort,wu wei , to allow myself to wait for “yinsights’. Being true to this time of year I go deeper to contemplate what might need tending through careful examination to allow the unfolding of my own lotus petals. It comes through the spiritual dialogue from walks in nature, journaling, reflective reading, meditation, qigong, prayer and spiritual friendships.

Aligning with the season of Yin I am unafraid of true blues. After returning from a visit into the corporal cave I have bolstered the courage to enter into a dark creative space. The color blue in particular has emerged from my writing life and ancestry through a story I am trying to bring to life on the stage. I have been defaulting to the kind of blue I am prone to feel cozy in, the lighter hues that bathe me in a familial sanctuary through my Caribbean lineage. It is a place where my great grandmother Abuela Marina dwells, Marina magic, where the invisible is made visible, and green blues mix in aquamarine. The kind of blue that gives me life.

But this time another kind of light has called me to lean into darker blues, into deeper waters where instead of defaulting to inertia and confusion, a creative chaos dwells and I can trust in words, sounds, and images from a new place. Before the answers come, there is a space between movement, a blue black into a void. Darker still is a cellular prism of all healing light and it is in the heart of that darkness, that I am truly nourished by winter’s delights.

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