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Ann Duvall


Mi Casa es su casa

The heart imprint on the tree in my backyard is completely new to me. How long has it been there? What has this tree qi been trying to tell me?

It seems neglectful that only now I notice her as we prepare to leave this house after 25 years where skin, breath, birth and death have been our shared natural habitat.Home is where the heart is and breathing hasn’t always been easy, yet she has slept beside me this whole time.

Where there has been constriction and a blue sky I can only ache for, her veins have branched out a web of protection reaching up so a million possibilities will unite with purpose. Exhaling chlorophyll green she shares her roots with me and we uncover more resources to thrive, not just survive, so I can share with others.

Nature’s medicine via these trees, graciously send out leaders to remind us to tend to a more hospitable environment, wherever we happen to be. Even though I haven’t always been so attentive, the doctor made this house call and today’s prescription is a call to action – heal thyself with a daily dose of deepening this season for a new why, a new way, a new you. And wherever I end up living, I too have been imprinted with familiar hospitality and its enduring message:

mi casa es su casa.

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