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Making Sense of the Signs

Traveling deeper in the every day helps us make meaning of our journeys, one simple healing moment at a time. All we need to do is look for the signs!

This summer a healing moment came during my drive to the highest paved road in North America on Mt. Evans Colorado. Earlier on my trip I had been pondering what it means to write from exactly where I am and found myself merely recording and not feeling wholly (or holy) connected to the world around me. I was shaky and disappointed, a sentiment that might have had something to do with needing to get acclimated to the high altitude, but not likely.

I ventured up to the highest point on the mountain, reluctantly easing into wu wei to allow myself to be open to the signs as I drove, taking in my surroundings. As it turned out, heading up to that highest point was not going to be the highlight of the trip that day. As I made may way down I was noticing the signs again and at the foot of the mountain I made a turn off the main road where I was greeted by a flowing creek, while at my feet lay this sizeable chunk of amber, a symbol for healing wisdom and creativity.

The simplicity of being in that moment brought me to a peaceful place, a place to rest in the knowledge that the signs will continue and I can write from wherever I am. Seeing the signs along the way brought me there, to a simple healing moment through connecting to the world around me, and I was able to bring a piece of that world home with me. Healing can work like that when we are open to looking for meaning in the life we are living in the moment, when we take time to pause we can travel deeper, by making sense of the signs.

#journeys #simplehealingmoment #travelingdeeper #wuwei #healingwisdom #simplicityofbeing #signs

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