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Pausing for Autumn’s Promise

It is closing in on a year since I began writing here, this sweet spot where I give myself space to begin, again and again. Shaped by these small worlds each time, this creative assemblage has felt like healing through a kind of divine reporting and gentle earth nudges.

Today I write like any other day, staying in the ordinary, while completely aware of the extraordinary that takes place in this life, in this body I inhabit. I recognize these moments through review so I can bring them forward and glance with courage in that rearview mirror that is this great big beautiful life. Small or large, past or present, there is a vastness, a rich miracle in each moment of pause where I can say thank you for being here, holding me up, holding me still, holding me, moving me, so I can share from this place.

I am diligently returning to an even larger body of work which has grown a bit wild and unruly from decades of writing and healing. In years past I might have cut back forcefully what is vital to its growth in order to keep it all under control. I will be looking for the way to be strengthened and held lovingly into the next season as this material is enriched through its own giving way to earth naturally. Composting our beloved messes is a life giving cycle which nourishes deeply and is an essential part of this world.

Tending to this fertile ground I wait for leaves to redden, golden, yellow and finally release into browning then darkness. Autumn’s promise of change keeps me steady and still while these days continue to give way. And this place I have been cultivating, nurtured by a more gentle nature, gives me the greatest potential to reap the harvest.

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