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Story of the Rising Lotus

Sometimes when words will not do, symbols help us see who we are or who we wish to be as we show up to make meaning of our life’s stories. As in the story of the rising lotus we acknowledge our healing moments and, by accepting our challenges, past, present and future, we awaken out of the mud to rise up to our potential, over and over again.

It is a gentle art form, this spiraling and naming of healing moments amidst chaos. Recently amid my own unrest in the creative realm, I found un-pleasantries rising up in the form of snake visits in my dreams, but within the turmoil, I was able to be responsive as a calm stable lead energy. The way we move, whether in our nocturnal world or with the sun shining bright, is where healing gets its staying power. By continuing to feel rooted to the earth, we are led out of darkness as we rise up to the Light. The lotus as a touchstone and story of resilience is easy to emulate, with its journey towards light, it defies odds and continues to rise.

Soon to be abundant here as they bloom in July, this flower represents a simple but profound messaging, and it is the premise behind Radiant Lotus Qigong. For your next pilgrimage out of darkness, or as you reflect on your own story of resilience, mirror the lotus flower’s journey, with its blossom rising through murky waters.

We all have our unique stories that make us beautiful when we accept the challenges that have made us resilient. Awakening to the beauty of our potential, we are like the field of loti rising up, all seeking Light together, knowing that when you transform one, you transform all.

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